applied soft computing 投稿填坑1

applied soft computing 投稿填坑1




(1) Please remove the header title for each page on the manuscript.

(2) Please select a meaningful classification for your paper. Note the ‘+’ in front ‘Soft computing and related techniques’ and ‘Applications of Soft Computing’. So, you can unfold both lists. Preferably, pick one or more techniques and one or more applications fields.

(3) Please address the Cover Letter explicitly to the target Special Issue of the Applied Soft Computing journal.
在cover letter中明确表明投的是哪个CFP

(4) The highlights are a bulleted list of main tenets of the paper. Please keep the text very concise, preferably one line per point. Do not add titles or authors, that is superfluous information. You can order the documents in the submission record, use this order: cover letter, highlights, graphical abstract (if provided), manuscript, enlarged illustrations.

  • 注意:其对语言的要求比较高,尽量减少语法和句法的错误。
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